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Your grandma's dick-shaped shrubbery.
I got sick of lookin' at those phallodendron, so I cut the tops off. Now they look like Bop-em mallets.
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 14, 2008
The act of male sexual reciprocation of maternally projected loathing or the sexual manifestation of self-loathing superimposed onto the mother/son relationship by means of some sort of Oedipal paranoia.

ie: When a motherfucker fucks his mother because fucking his mother is the closest a motherfucker can come to crawling inside of her and physically reversing his birth.
Justin - How come you don't laugh at my jokes, mom?

Mary - Because your a mean and vulgar boy!

Justin - Jeez! What do you want from me? A #1 Son Refund?

Mary - I don't know what that is, but I've read The Bible five times and I'm not going to listen to you tell me about it!
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke August 20, 2008
The paradoxical visual juxtaposition of a youthful-looking vaginal area/pelvic triangle coupled by bloated and probably overstimulated, dirty and discolored labia.
Wizard sleeves - far before the vagina's time.
I saw you staring at Anberlin's booty-shorts camel toe, but you don't know that bitch gots loaded baked potato!
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke August 20, 2008
Urinating in a public, men's bathroom that has more than one urinal and opting to, rather than use one urinal and stick to it, run the gauntlet and piss in all of the urinals in a continuous stream. Usually performed while drunk, although sober attempts are acceptable.
I got out of the movie and there was nobody there, except this old dude taking a shit. So, I did an Irish drive-by.
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 10, 2008
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