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1- When a person walks into a room like Ozzy Osbourne.

2- A swagger that is associated with the geriatric
stagger of old people.

3- On the hit television series "The Osbournes", Ozzy
walks with a geriatric swagger.
Drunk 1: "Check her out. Six beer and a three-paper
joint and she's wasted!"

Drunk 2: "Yeah, she's walking with a geriatric swagger."
by josh_mcg October 22, 2006
marijuana or marijuana roaches roachiegee rolled in rice or hemp paper and offered by hippies and neo-hippies abroad.
"We have five minutes before The Simpsons, roll us a hoochiegee!"
by josh_mcg October 05, 2006
marijuana rolled in a rice or hemp paper with or without tobacco endorsed by hippies and neo hippies.
"Roll us a hoochiegee."
by josh_mcg October 01, 2006

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