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1 definition by jose321

1. A Super-Power Graveyard.

a Replubic that defeated Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn , other mongols , British Empire , Soviets (USSR).

2. It Used to be known as ARIANA or Aryana (Land ofthe Arians or Aryans).

3. The strongest country in Central Asia.

4. The "stan" part of afghanistan means Land and the Afghan part is the name of the name of the people who lived there.

So Afghanistan in English means " Afghanland".

5. the people are called AFGHAN(s) and NOT AFGHANI(s).

6. the name of there money or currency is called Afghani(s).
Don't make me afghanistan your ass!

If you got an afghan on your side consider yourself lucky.
by jose321 August 02, 2005