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1. The worst anime show on CCN...or any other network...period.
2. A show where a dog demon and a twenty-first century chick go back to feudal Japan with some fox midget-kid, a sexual harrassing monk and his raccoon friend (who turns into a giant penis on command whom they all fly on to get to places), and some boomerang chick go around fight other stupid looking demons.
3. A show for 5 year old, Japanese girls.
Inuyasha is the worst show since Trigun! I should be watching...anything else! Considering the fact that anime sucks the big one, I might as well kill myself for watching this asschees! I should get a FUCKING life!!!!
by jose blanco April 21, 2005
1. Quite possibly the worst anime ever made...and that's saying something, since most anime sucks.
2. An anime show that involves a bunch of stupid kids who must defend the Earth against God (seriously...that's the story). God, for some reason, takes the forms of retarded dolls and geometric shapes to destroy Earth. Some say there is lots of symbolsim...but it really just plain sucks nuts...considering the fact that the creator was a depressive alcoholic and drug addict. No likeable characters (they actually get WORSE as the story progresses), and everyone dies in the end. The end itself is a crime against film making...you don't begin movies with 15 year old kids masturbating on other, comatose japanese 15 year olds...that's just wrong. People who think this is "teh gr8st anime 3var" have a pole up their ass or simply just can't get the fact that it contradicts itself over hundreds of times. People who watched this show and enjoyed it are the people who need to be sent to the front line during war.
I watch Neon Genesis Evangelion because I think it's symbollic!...At least I think it is...What's wrong with me?! I should kill myself for watching this absolute pile of shit. This show is meant for only 3 people...Pedophiles, Morons, and People Who have their Thumb Up their Ass! Which category am I?!...
by jose blanco April 21, 2005
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