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Someone on your friends list who logs on about 50 times a minute. He or she also keeps on sending all sorts of invitations, so it gets really annoying
Stop logging in and out all the time, msn terrorist!
by jormeidt September 07, 2007
Stupid answer to a stupid question. It can be used when a student in class is too slow to write something down and has to ask the others to repeat the last part all the time.

After a while you'll get annoyed and you just answer "83!".

It can also be used when someone asks a question of which he could have found the answer if he just thought a little.
dumb student: "What was that last part?"
all: "83!"
by jormeidt April 26, 2007
Term for male masturbation, jerking off, jacking of, ...
Pretty obvious what the 5 and the 1 are.
Randalph: "Hey, what ya been doing, 5 against 1?"
Kurt: "Yeah, as always"
by jormeidt May 16, 2007
A totally crumpled, but still smokable cigarette, usually caused by sitting on it. This comes from a scene out of the Lethal Weapon film where Mel Gibson has fallen off a bridge and wants to smoke a cigarette to beat the unbearable pain.
"Oh dammit, you sat on my pack of cigarettes, now I have a Lethal Weapon cigarette"
by jormeidt October 05, 2006
Woman or man, desperately wanting to 'receive' semen.
The pub was full of spunkhunters again!
by jormeidt April 01, 2007
Someone who snorts drugs.
"Kenny's been using speed again!"
"Yeah, he's becoming a real table vac"
by jormeidt October 05, 2006
Another word for the vagina.
She shaves her pubes so you can see her sour crack.
by jormeidt April 01, 2007

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