2 definitions by jorkonjorkon

Could very well be the next tallest and fastest coastewr on the planet at Cedar Point. At least over 500'.
Dude, I will seriously soil myself on my first ride on Maverick!
by jorkonjorkon March 05, 2006
A heaping mass of steel in Jackson, New Jersey. The rat bastards in Jackson decided to steal the exact same design of Top Thrill Dragster and add a hill onto the end of it. *Note: Kingda Ka ate it's own propulsion system, brake fins, etc. during June of it's opening season!
Trevor: Hey dude, you want to go to New Jersey and ride Kingda Ka?
Me: Dude, I don't ride rides made by rat bastards that copy from the greatest amusement park on earth.
by jorkonjorkon March 06, 2006

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