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Representative form of government pioneered in Greece but sophisticated in the Roman Republic. Involves districts with populace voters who elect their representative officials. United States is a Republic.
"This aint a democracy you idiot, its a republic"
by Jordon December 10, 2003
1. A metric unit of Force, formally written as (kilograms)(meters)/(seconds)

2. A 17th century scientist who pioneered Physics and Calculus.

3. A cookie that is, in reality, "fruit and cake"
1. " I must have applied at least 4*10^4 Newtons to that turd before it came out!"

2. "Isaac Newton is a big moron, Calculus is hard."

3. "Give me one of those figgy Newtons..... or is that figgy pudding?"
by Jordon December 10, 2003
Delicious chocolate drink of which brings pleasure to all who drink it.
I sure love to drink yoo-hoo!
by Jordon February 05, 2004
Crazy scientist who came up with "Avogadro's Constant", a number that clumps a specific number of atoms into a mole, which can be used to figure out the exact weight of an atom of any element. On the periodic table, the element's atomic mass is in grams per mole. There are 6.02 X 10^23 atoms in one mole.
"Crap man, thats some serious scientific crap!"
by Jordon December 11, 2003
One of the most instrumental atomic theorists, Neils Bohr was the first to acknowledge that electrons orbit the nucleus instead of the commonly accepted "plum pudding" atom model. Made the first 3D model of an atom, but was completely wrong about almost everything associated with atoms.
"Crap I hate Chemistry"
by Jordon December 11, 2003
19th Century French noble-turned-scientist who discovered many of today's Ideal Gas laws. Antoine Lavosier discovered that gas has additive pressure qualities, and that temperature, pressure, and volume were mathematically related. Was executed for being a noble in the French Revolution.
"France messed up again!"
by Jordon December 11, 2003
Known as the "Father of Genetics", Gregor Mendel performed a series of tests on pea plants. He noticed that two phenotypically identical plants would occasionally produce completely different offspring, and he deduced that genes could be "Dominant or Recessive" from generation to generation.
"Gregor is a weird name"
by Jordon December 11, 2003
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