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The stupidest piece of bullcrap I've ever heard. There is no Madden "curse". But people say "0MGZ ALL OF TEH COVAR GUYZ GOTZ INJURY'D!!" Well no crap, it's football. Last time I checked you hit people in football. And when you're surronded by some of the strongest men on earth, I'd think that injuries would happen rather often.

50-60% of NFL players will be injured somewhere along the line during the season. You can't tell me that just because they were on the cover of some game, that's why they're injured. The injures of the cover players have ranged from different injuries for different lengths. You can't tell me that that's from being on the cover of the game when 50-60% of NFL players will be injured somewhere along the lines of the season. Now say if all the players got hurt from the same injury, and/or the same length. Then you could probably make a case. But this "curse" is way to general when 50-60% of NFL players will get injured somewhere along the line. And when the cover players injuries are all different injuries, at different times and such. Plus it's football. In football, you hit people...hard, and run aggressively without finesse sometimes that can led to a dangerous slip and fall. There's no "curse", the curse doesn't exsist.

But Eddie George was never effected by the "curse". Eddie was on the Madden 2001 cover. That follows the 2000 season. In the 2000 season Eddie George ran for a career high of 1500+ yards. What's his curse? Nothing, exactly.

Culpepper had what you would call a sophomore slump, then improved and is one of the best QB's around. So he got inured. Hot damn! It happens all the time in football.

Marshall Faulk got injured and continues to get injured... and older. He's lasted pretty long for a running back who runs like he does. He takes a lot of punishment for his running style. For his age at the time, all he need was one injured to take him out. That's what happen. It wasn't the curse, he got OLD.

Vick? Broken leg. What about Chad Pennington? He went down the same DAY Vick went down and people forget that. He's been affected worse than Vick as it is a reoccuring injury. The "curse" helped the Falcons by giving them a high draft pick and they snagged DeAngelo Hall, a very promising corner. Then they returned to the playoffs.

Ray Lewis? He broke his wrist and his team fell off the playoff race. How about the curse was the Steelers going 15-1, Pats going 14-2... and the AFC being a VERY strong conference. The Ravens also had legal trouble and Ogden was hurt. It wasn't a curse. The curse does not exsist. The Ravens wouldnt've made it to the playoffs if Lewis was healthy all season anyway. They improved a lot over the off season and I expect them to win the division and make the playoffs.

Whoever still believes in the madden curse after what I've just posted deserves to be punch in the head.
by jordan629 September 04, 2005

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