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The funny feeling you get when you wake up after a night of not drinking and you're not hungover like usual.
"Yeah, I didn't go party last night, I woke up this morning with a wicked hangunder"
by Jordan May 18, 2004
Another word for nigger, one that may not get u shot in the hood. but ur ass kicked all the same.
you kneegar get away from my car. Tim Chen is a kneegar.
by Jordan February 29, 2004
A small, pink, blob like creature in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. This creature was made to resemble the the classic weakest enemy of many RPGs, the slime. Very easy to and is usually the first monster a player ever kills. There are a few stronger forms of this monster such as the Poporing and the Angelring. This monster will earn you 1 base Exp. and 1 job Exp. per kill. Another characteristic of the poring is its ability to pick up nearby items on the ground and stores them inside it's self till a person kills it, which then every item it has taken in shall fall to the ground leaving them available for that person to pick up.
" Nooo, that poring just ate my Baphomet Card! ;-; "
by Jordan December 29, 2004
A failed attempt at a moustache. Is often stroked when in deep thought or stalking. Cannot be shaved, apparently.
Benny Mayfield. see also: Bean Mexfield
by Jordan October 26, 2004
a person that is loved greatly
she is a weems by everyone
by jordan October 24, 2004
To eat a large object
Joey just plirnked that whole fucking turtle!
by Jordan January 28, 2005
A hot sex goddess.
Usually to kill someone. Such as Kain.
I summmon Maydra! On a shadow dragon of love!

Oh man that girls a maydra for sure!

Dian used a Maydra to obliverate kain.
by Jordan March 16, 2005

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