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An affirmative statement that has nothing to do with "what" or any of its variants, nor does it pose a question.
P-dawg: "The Roots are the best band ever."
J-Unit: "Wut wut."
by Jordan February 29, 2004
A person who is themselves,so what if they wear darker clothing,and some,not all are depressed.they are people.they usually like different music/art then others,and are usually very funny and nice.
Look around,you'll find some.
by jordan January 31, 2004
v. a word used to describe the sound made whilst spewing your mountain dew, through your nose, onto your keyboard, during a fit of unwitting laughter. Also "fnrk", a quicker more abrubt fnoork.
"For an exciting change of pace, you should watch baseball"

by Jordan August 16, 2004
A word used to insult those who are so incredably uncool as to ressemble a tree made of dick.
Asian: "Yaow, I got A++ this assignment with barely even try! Time to play laptop with my exchange parents! ^^ "

White d00d: "Shut the fuck up dicktree!"
by Jordan September 29, 2004
A term invented by Brown University students (though its usage has spread to most other colleges) refering to the penis of a man who remains perpetually unerect, even when being sexually stimulated by a woman. It is often the result of intense sexual inactivity over long periods of time. Often, men with duckles can be sexually excited by other men, and tend to become homosexuals later in life.
Linsay Lohan can't even get that guy's duckles erect......cuz he's mad gay.
by Jordan November 19, 2004
Rag used to catch semen after one has ejaculated. (See Also: Nut Rag)
I usually use an old pair of drawers for a cumrag
by Jordan June 15, 2004
a combinnation of the words, dope and fly. it is used when something is so awsome that it cannot be called dope or fly so they are put together to explain the true greatness of what it is.
man, did you see the new mustang? it's dopefly.
by Jordan April 21, 2005

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