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225 definitions by jordan

poet, musician. books include seventh heaven, witt, and the coral sea. lead singer of the patti smith group. widow of fred smith.
patti smith wrote the song "ask the angels" which the distillers covered in their self-titled first album.
by jordan February 10, 2004
Canadian, British, and American armies landed on Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Omaha beaches in northern France in attempt to breach the German defences protecting their western flank. Unfortunately for the mother fucking Nazi's, our bad ass Westerners knocked them the fuck out. About 110 000 soldiers landed on June 6th 1994 and about 10 000 became casualties. The Americans had particular difficulty securing Omaha beach where German defences mowed down their soldiers with supressive machine gun, mortar and airial fire.
Luckily for us, we fucking rock and we rocked those fudge packing Nazi's all the way back to Berlin and squeezed them between the left ass cheek of the Canadians, British, and Americans and right ass cheek of the Russians.

Nazi: Hey look, it's the Canadians
Nazi 2: Hey look it's the British
Nazi 3: Hey look it's the Americans
Nazi 4: Hey look we're gonna fucking die!

Adolf Hitler: Give me Canadian men and American equipment and I'll win the war.

Canada rules!

I purpose for the unification of America and Canada to become the "United Sates of North America"....we'll take over the world.
by Jordan January 06, 2004
University of

A hard ass school that takes forever to graduate from.
Friend: "My sister is going to UCF next year, can you tell hre how you liked it there?"

Me: "Liked? Im still there"

Friend: "But its been 6 years"

Me: "I know! And Im still a junior!"
by Jordan November 16, 2003
1. Cruise in an automobile
2. Leave
1. Let's shmob the new Caddy.
2. This party sucks. Let's shmob
by Jordan January 06, 2004
an angry looking yet very friendly and sensitive person with black features (such as being very well endowed)
That girl be sleeping with a nery, and that's why she walking bowlegged!
by Jordan July 05, 2004
1. Bizzy-D. Lead singer of Sum41.Paris Hilton's Ex (stupid bitch)Hottest man who ever walked this dammed earth.and is Canadian!
2. an man who is probably great in bed
"Deryck Whibley, Will you please take my virginit? if it's still there"
by jordan January 24, 2004
A person who is themselves,so what if they wear darker clothing,and some,not all are depressed.they are people.they usually like different music/art then others,and are usually very funny and nice.
Look around,you'll find some.
by jordan January 31, 2004