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The best fucking punk band ever. JELLO = THE MOST INCREDIBLEY TALENTED PERSON ON EARTH. DK is nothing without him. You SHALL obey them.
I <3 Jello.
Wow. I can't beleive i ever wasted my time listening to crappy bands when i could've just put on some DK...
by Jordan December 17, 2004
Former lead singer of Dead Kennedys. Political activist, genius. Jello for pres.!! Supposedly an asshole. Who knows...Jello IS the fucking Dead Kennedys.
Jello = pure genius!
Damn...Jello was hot!
by Jordan December 17, 2004
A way of refering to ones hamstring/s.
My hammies are as sore as hell after that run.
by Jordan March 15, 2005
Secret organization from a series of unfortunate events, asoue. V stands for Volunteer. The books have yet to reveal the entire and true meaning, but so far there are theories that include 'volunteer fire department' or 'volunteer fire detectives.'
When we drive away in secret
You'll be a Volunteer
So don't scream when we take you,
The World Is Quiet Here
by Jordan February 15, 2004
1) A small frenum.

2) Small thin piece of flesh that connects an area of skin to a mucous membrane (ie: underneath the tounge; between the lips and gums; between the penile foreskin and shaft)

3) Small sensitive piece of skin located underneath the glans of the penis that connects the foreskin to the the shaft (often removed during circumcision).

4) Sexually erogenous zone on the bottom of the penis.
You should never get your frenulum pierced!
by Jordan June 08, 2004
Garbage water is that mysterious liquid found in the bottom of garbage bags that leaks onto the floor when you take the bag out of the can. Where does this stuff come from? People who don't throw out entire containers of liquid still seem to get it in their bins. They don't dump out cups of coffee into the trashcan! So how does it get there? The explanation to this mystery continues to elude scientists and researchers around the globe.
Homer Simpson: "Ahh! Garbage water!"
by Jordan June 18, 2006
Something Canada has plenty of. With over 2 trillion barrels of oil and about 300 billion barrels of which are recoverable in the Alberta Tar Sands, Canada now has the largest oil reserve in the world. At our current rate of global consumption- we consume about 75 million barrels of oil per day. With about 1.3 trillion barrels of known oil reserves in the world that consumption rate leaves us with about 40 years worth of gas guzzlin' pleasure.
Can you say fucked beyond comprehensible belief?
by Jordan October 11, 2004

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