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n. The music that is played in a corporate retail chain in order to influence the buying habits of customers. Although Retail rock varies from store to store, one thing remains consistant: the music, like the products found in the store at which it is played, is fake mass-produced garbage that must be avoided at all costs.
(1) While browsing in CVS, Barbra noticed the song playing over the store's radio was 'I Don't Want to Wait' by Paula Cole. She immediately bought several packs of Q-tips.

(2) Ashley's boyfriend watied outside Abercrombie & Fitch while she shopped for the latest fall fashions; he could hear 'No Such Thing' by John Mayer blearing over the store's speakers, and he didn't like it.
by Jordan August 17, 2004
Term used to describe someone who is acting like a scavenger.
You are such a little scavy.
Why are you stealing my food you scavy!
by jordan December 19, 2003
A fricking awesome person.
Hools is a fricking awesome person. A great pvper. Intelligent and wise.
by Jordan November 19, 2004
One who is a theive in the world of turds. He or she may rob the innocent of their stool. This thing may be obsessive of waste products and is fascinated by the pooping process.
"Hey, that turd burgular stole my stool!"
by Jordan January 04, 2004
The annoying occurence when inhaling, a piece of flem stretches and makes a gargantuan popping noise:)
Gotta have my pops.
by Jordan January 04, 2004
(n)Of, or relating to a personal possession. Can sometimes be pronounced "dealies"
"Dude, you touched my deals!"

"Give me back my deals!"
by Jordan January 09, 2005
A shortened version of "May I help you?" used by some non-English speaking fast food cashiers.
You: <walk up to register>
Cashier: mep you?
by Jordan September 30, 2004

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