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the state of being horny, so damn sexy that you get hornified; so kinky that you become bonerific/horny
tit fuck her ass
"Dawg, shit that chick is hornificating me so bad... I wanna tit fuck her ass!!!" "I hear ya man, I am so hornificated I wanna slap her like she's my ho." "You got issues man."
by jony redcorn January 19, 2009
a dick so rock hard that it can go through any hole, fucking so fast it looks like your dick is a machine with batteries
"Did you see Joe last night?" "See? I was with Joe that night." "His machine dick fucked me so hard that I had to yell stop six times." "Did he stop?" "No, hos machine dick just got tired."
by jony redcorn January 19, 2009
something so great that you get a boner;
the state of being hornificated(see hornificate)
Damn bro, that chicks tits are so big i just wanna fuck them. Awww dawg, they're so bonerific!
by jony redcorn January 19, 2009
a very painful kick to the nuts
Aww that bitch just got shkamablablahed!
by jony redcorn December 28, 2008
when getting so hot that you wanna spread her but cheeks stick your dick between them and fuck them like they're tits.
in any case "her" in "tit fuck her ass" can be changed to it your his etc.
"That party was so insane, I think I shouldn't of tit fuck her ass." "Who?" "My girl, and seven other chicks" "You got issues." "Stop saying that or tit fuck your ass!" "Weirdo."
by jony redcorn January 19, 2009

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