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A town located in Southern New Hampshire. Salem is close by to many of the largest New England cities, including Lowell, Methuen, Manchester and Nashua. Salem is known for its shopping mall, as well as Canobie Lake Park. Salem High School is widely recognized as the worst high school in NH, widely due to the amount of drug trafficking and fights. Salem is also known for it's "Salem tough guys". Many kids who attend Salem High are afflicted with the "Salem Kid Complex", meaning that they think there the shit and think that they are the toughest kids around and try to fight everyone, but in turn make themselves look like retarded assholes. Salem residents are also notorious for hating inhabitants of nearby communities that aren't complete shit holes like Salem, such as Londonderry, Windham, and Derry.
"Hey, I think that kid is from Salem NH!"

"How can you tell?"

"Because he's trying to act like a tough guy."

"Salem Sucks."
by jonnyboi545 August 15, 2011

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