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Term generally used to describe shocking filth usually obtained from a certain file sharing network. Most likely German, most likey inclusive of faeces. Common source, Unit 23.
Oh my god, I cant watch that. Thats some real bad news material.
by jonny pondlife February 10, 2004
term used to also used to describe 'section 23' and 'area 23'. Fun and games galore in this house of disrepute! Otherwise known as the house on the corner, Gill st.
Where next then? Lets get back to unit 23, get some pills on the way. Better get 20.
by jonny pondlife February 10, 2004
Beer followed by wine. Usually ends up in bad news.
Look at that sorry state, he's been on the Bine.
by Jonny Pondlife February 10, 2004

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