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1. A delicious food combination.
2. A Three Stooges short.
3. A song sung by the cast of Cheers on a Cheers episode.
4. An experimental rock/hardcore band from central Pennsylvania.
1. This movie would be much more enjoyable if we had some beer and pretzels.
3. Beer and Pretzels, that's our game!
by jonny kash April 05, 2006
1. noun: Feces.
2. verb: To defacate.
3. transitive verb: The anticipation of defacation.
There is crow on the floor, so watch out!
Someone crowed and didn't flush.
I have crow.
by jonny kash November 16, 2005
1. A bundle of sticks (dictionary definition).
2. A slang term used to label homosexual men.

What nobody has mentioned yet is how this term for a bundle of sticks started being used as a label for gay men. In the middle ages when witches were burnt at the stake, gay men were thrown into the fire like bundles of sticks. That's where the connection comes from.
Get a faggot to get this campfire started.
Christopher Lowell is such a faggot.
by jonny kash November 16, 2005

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