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A small city located on the southern island of Japan (yeah, Tokyo is not the only city in Japan. AMAZING!). This is where desperate sailors come to hit on and/or rape young japanese school girls. Where the only cool kids are filipino and/or some other asian ethnicity. This is also where immature navy kids start meaningless drama just so it seems like they have a purpose in life. A majority of the drama is caused by lack of hot guys. Other than that, it's a pretty descent place. & there's only one shopping area called Yonkacho, but all the newbies call it Ginza (even though Ginza is located in Tokyo).

*the new navy kids there now, ain't got nothing on the kids from '93-'04. HANDS DOWN!
Let's go to Sasebo & hit on desperate Japanese girls!
by jongjonga January 25, 2009
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