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A procedure where a person with a severed limb uses the limb (stump) as a sexual device.

The use of the stump can be Anal, or vaginal.
You are one stump humping whore
by jonez77 February 19, 2003
The action of useing ones foot to perform sex. Similar to fisting, but using a foot.
I can't believe John was able to foost that bitch. I thought she was tight.
by jonez77 February 19, 2003
To deny a sexual orgasm to a female partner after male orgasm.
That bitch was so dirty, I frosted her after I fucked her.
by jonez77 February 19, 2003
Combination of 'Front' and 'Bum'. Usually old fat ladies have these. Large bum cheeks on the front of them, rather than the back. Also known as a Gunt (Giant Cunt).
Look at the frum on that bitch!
by jonez77 February 25, 2003

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