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Goodas is used to describe a girl who is good as gold - doesnt sleep around- or cheat on her lover - gets what she wants through work or talent rather than sleeping with people to get there she is the total opposite to a slag or skettle- has to be fit aswell tho!
"aint you worried about your girl going out tonite"
"Nah - i know shes a goodas"
by jonesinio April 01, 2004
a proper dirty girl who has no morals about who she sleeps with and how often - prone to dieseses and prone to breaking blokes hearts,

Opposite to a Goodas
dirty peice of skettle go wash ya self
by Jonesinio April 27, 2004
A chief is a wanker simple!
dont be a chief all ya life!

Billy obviously enjoys group masterbation after school!
by Jonesinio March 31, 2004
Chi Chi derives from the Jamaican patwa for termites or cockroaches due to the sound they make at night. This then became a term to describe parasites which then became an insult as the people of Jamaica were calling police and politicians chi chi men, doesnt really mean gay people but it depends on how you look at them.
fire has to burn out all chi chi
by Jonesinio March 31, 2004
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