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Someone who is extremly homosexual or just outright despicable. Originates from the prefix of the word "queer" and the suffix (or last two letters) of the word "fag."
"Billy and Mike just made out in public. Fucking quags."
by Jones June 24, 2004
People (generally male) in their early to mid twenties that wear Tevas, smoke pot, listen to Phish/Dave Matthews, go snowboarding, 'hang out', bathe irregularly and other things that make them seem as though they live a 'hippie' lifestyle even though they are supported by a trust fund. Especially common to Portland, Oregon.
The reason he is able to vacation at Lake Tahoe without a job is because he is a chooch.

George Clinton and the PFunk concerts used to be cool, but now they are full of chooches.
by jones June 15, 2004
kevin's way of say great....it lacks sense...
"Dude, are you going to the concert?"
"Yea man its gunna be gr9."
by jones December 01, 2004
an insatiable desire to smoke marijuana.
Yo maaaaan, I'm jonesin' for some skank shwag so let's hit dat shit yo!
by Jones May 06, 2003
Another word for sheep shagger. (And it's not the best country in the world, as said above)
Nia shagged a sheep
by Jones January 26, 2004

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