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Expeealadoush (see supercalifraj) is a phrase used for the 1-in-billion chance event of true, pure, undiluted awesomeness. It is the next level from supercalifraj which is a feat on its own. Achieving expeealdoush status has only ever happened 3 times before in the history of mankind. But don't stop trying.
Holy Scmokes Pete! John Lennon, Jesus and Elvis were the same person! and they're still alive and they're you! That's supercalifraj… NO, hold on that's actually expeealadoush!
by jone-zee October 08, 2009
Something or someone that is absolutely awesome, or has acheived a pioneering level of awesomeness to that extent that normal words don't truely justify the level of greatness. Often shortened to "fraj", supercalifraj is only used in extreme cases of amazingness.

Something that is beyond awesome, dopeking, or has acheived a new level of coolness beyond comprehension.. unreal, insane, "are you fucking kidding me awesome"... often shorted to "fraj" (a derivative of Supercalifraj)

If something or someone acheives an even greater level of awesomness (this is a VERY VERY rare event), this can be described as "expeealadoush" (see seperate definition).
Jimbo, when you jumped on stage with the Stones last night and Mick said you were his inspiration when he wrote honky tonk woman, that was totallllllllly supercalifraj

Friend 1: Last night was the best night of my life, it was supercalifraj
Friend2: I agree, It was totally fraj
Friend 1: Fraj-out

Dave: dude did you see that chick i just pummeled?? she is hands down the most supercalifaj ( "fraj") chick i have ever! Ben do you concur?
Ben: Duuuude fraj bro, fraj for sure...
by jone-zee October 08, 2009

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