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1: Slightly better than decent

2: Functional

3: A 6-7 out of 10
1: How's that doup taste, Jon?
It's stiga

2: My pencil erasor isn't new or anything, but it's still stiga.

3: Garden state soundtrack? Stiga

4: Hey, Wags, what do you think of that girl?
She's stiga
by jon vw April 12, 2006
An easy girl to fuck. Sex is presumed to be as rough and bouncy as the alternative sport of the same name.
- Who was that slam ball I saw you with?
- Oh, just some slooter.
by jon vw April 17, 2006
Weeklong festival in roskilde, DK. Features a huge list of famous artists, nude race, hippies, condom wagons, dirty tents ect.
- Hey Wags I heard you're going to Roskilde...

- Damn straight!
by jon vw April 17, 2006
1 noun. pronounced like "soup," doup can substitute for any thick liquid or food.

2 noun/ verb. Refers to poop.
1. You've got doup on your face.
or, refering to a creamy pasta dish: "hows the doup?"
2. I douped on you in the videogame earlier today.
by jon vw April 06, 2006
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