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15 definitions by jon k

Nickname given to a minor character from Absolutely Fabulous, who is Saffy's best friend. Only ever used by her mother, Edina, the main character in the show.
'Will you make Titicaca shut up for a minute, darling!'
by Jon K August 03, 2003
Deliberate (or sometimes accidental) mis-spelling of the word pussy. Can be used as an alternative, in a jokey way.
You've got a nice puusy.
by Jon K February 15, 2004
Camp TV host/personality and actor, best-known for his outrageous dress sense and use of innuendos in nearly everything he says. Probably one of the funniest people on TV, and has been for ages.
Some people find Julian Clary funny, some don't.
by Jon K October 26, 2003
A merkin, or other type of pubic wig.
She was wearing a lady's low toupee
by Jon K July 10, 2004
A character from BBC2 sitcom 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'. Only appeared recently, and is considered annoying by the other characters from the show.
"You only came to the pub to get away from Munch, didn't you?!"
by Jon K January 10, 2004
Situation Normal All Fucked Up
We had a little ticket snafu
by Jon K June 28, 2003
An excellent British TV show, which began in 2001 and has gone from strength to strength. Sort of comedy, it's in a similar style to Peep Showand The Office.
Teachers is one of the best shows on Channel 4.
by Jon K July 24, 2004