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That last hit in the bottom of a well used bowl of marijuana, usually tastes like ass and leaves a long term shitty taste in the mouth.
Repack the fucking bowl! I just got the shit hit...
by Jon Doe September 01, 2003
An odd monkey-like human, often found in Middle or Southern America.
Hey look! Its a Yomismogt!
by Jon Doe December 19, 2004
Or Blair as Bmorians like to call it. A place, located in the middle of no where but the people think they run the world, full of rich families and their rich kids who all drive convertables. The Harford mall is the hang-out spot(that no one seems to remember pre-GAP) for the mall rats in middle school. When you hit high school, this can be upgraded to the Plaza, aka the parking lot between McD's and Superfresh. This usually doesnt last long, until you are all kicked out to Wawa down the street. There is nothing to do in this town, except smoke pot and have sex. Harford county is the number 2 county in the nation for growing pot, and its not a suprise. There is some kid everyother house who gorws pot either hiding it from their parents, or smoking it with them.
Next time you come to Bel Air, knock on a random door to score some home grown weed(if they don't, try the next door) and bang their mom. It's ok, you are in Bel Air.
Will Millete Will Millete Will Millete Will Millete
by jon doe March 02, 2005
The word that really hot girl from Mean Girls was trying to make slang for cool, awesome, or good.
"OMG, thats so fetch!"
ok, stop trying to make fetch work, it doesn't, and it won't!!!

<sry, lol, had to do it, lol...>
by jon doe March 30, 2005
To be buzzing like a bee, and spinning like a tornado.
I was so crunky last night, I had no idea what was going on.
by Jon Doe January 20, 2004
a dizzy blonde girl
Kristin Bonk
by Jon Doe May 05, 2004
one who posseses the skill to dominate three women at once in bed
The pimp was definatly a cipe because those women looked happy.
by Jon Doe January 27, 2005
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