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15 definitions by jon k

A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.
You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it.
by Jon K January 01, 2004
Abbreviation of the BBC comedy show Absolutely Fabulous, one of the best British comedy shows of the '90's (and still is).
The new series of Ab Fab was great, just like the previous four.
by Jon K September 02, 2004
An insulting name for a person who is weak, annoying or just an easy target for insults.
Shut up or i'll break you, you squeaky little twatbag.
by Jon K September 28, 2003
A great new Channel 4 show, set (mainly) in a hospital. Sort of comedy, sort of drama, it's also a bit like a sketch show. And Teachers, another C4 show.
"I haven't checked out Green Wing yet, but I hear it's great."
by Jon K October 12, 2004
Don't Mess Yourself
"OK, calm down, DMY!"
by Jon K May 21, 2003
What are you gonna do with all that kablingy?
by Jon K September 14, 2003
A camp British TV personality, who is also known as a comedian and (sometimes) an actor. Best-known for his (outrageous) dress sense and use of innuendos in nearly everything he says.
"Julian Clary is a great comedian, but not one of the best".
by jon k March 31, 2005