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Company owned by Abercrombie and Fitch that is taken off of the actual city, Hollister, California. (I would know, I live here...)
Cheaper than Abercrombie, still hella expensive, but honestly-- who gives a damn?

If you're really that materialistic to be caring what other people are wearing, then you have serious issues. Let the people wear what they effing want to wear. Do I wear Hollister? Not particularly. Do some of my friends shop there? Yes. Do I care? No. Should I? No. If I find something cute that I like there that doesn't cost too much should I get it? Yes.

Honestly people. They're JUST CLOTHES! I can't believe you people are discriminate of people because of their clothes. How effing retarded can you get?
Stupid emo kid that hates everyone and everything: "Oh my gawd, what a lame ass. They're wearing HOLLISTER..."
Real Person: "...and...?"
Stupid emo kid: "WHAT A LOSER!"
Real Person: "...and you care, why?"
Stupid emo kid: "Because! They shop there!"
Real Person: "O...kay..."
Stupid emo kid: *runs off crying* "I hate Hollister people! WAAAAH!!!"
Real Person: "...moving on...!"
by jomommajoe April 18, 2005

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