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An emo is not a well off teen that puts on a fake personality, when emos say they are misunderstood it is interpreted in entirely the wrong way, when emos say they are misunderstood it does not mean that they are depressed beyond what you could imagine, it does not mean people could not possibly understand the tough times they are going through, when an emo says they are misunderstood they mean people think they avoid having fun, self harm, are antisocial, and are essentially drama queens. These stereotypes are not true, what people dont understand about emo is that it is purely a fashion sense and taste in music, it is an alternative style, such as indie, goth (which also generalized blindly), punk etc.
It is time people realized that emos are sociable and just tend to enjoy socializing with others who share their taste in music and fashion. Any emos that do happen to be depressed, it is due to the fact that they have been bullied senselessly by people who have no idea what they are talking about.
One day Johnny discovers that he enjoys alternative music, he starts listening to it more and ends up wearing darker colours, tight jeans and hoodies etc.

Many people see what Johnny is becoming and instantly think he is depressed and self harms 'oi Johnny you emo cunt' is one of many offensive comments Johnny recieves on a regular basis, and slowly get worse, which makes him feel down, and he does end up feeling depressed like any other bully victim would, emo or not.
by jolfyboy January 16, 2010

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