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taking something and running ~or~
what happens when police sirens turn on
he got that shit and ran, that nigger-b-gone!


They flipped on those lights and sirens and I had to get outta there, I mashed on the gas and nigger-b-gone!
by joker584 February 11, 2009
To be sooo phenominal, that people will drop all their plans just to hang with you.

You are the Star of the Bar, The King of the Karaoke, and the life of the party. people all strive to be like you and be in your inner circle.

To be an outcast is to be in a social coma!
"hey dude, wanna hang out?"

"No, I'm hangin with an O'berry"

"AWW MAN, I'm Jealous!"
by joker584 January 17, 2007
A Person who personafies ROCK AND ROLL, is into music, is very musically talented wheather by performing the art or having a immense knowledge of music.

Can also be a musically inclined persons nicname
"He's crushing it on the stage man, he's a ROCKDOG"
by joker584 November 01, 2006
How an person of African American decent who is also slightly afemenite say's "good bread"
(Actually said by such a person.. we were all eating pizza and bread sticks when he said...)

" MMM this is goot breht "
by joker584 November 01, 2006
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