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American basketball player for the NBA's New York Knicks. Born May 29, 1984 in Brooklyn, NY. Widely considered by anyone who isn't a complete retard to be the most overrated athlete in the history of ANY sport. Ever. Fool's gold. Plays defense like France did in WW2. Scores 25ppg, yet is directly responsible for other team scoring 50ppg. Only player in league history who can lead league in scoring yet make his team significantly worse. Is to NBA as Donald Trump is to the business world. Lazy, slovenly, self-serving; the perfect Knick. Would need to average 20 assists per game and give entire salary to homeless for next 10 years to be elevated to the status of merely selfish.
Billy: "Man, I gave Shaniqua $5 to buy a scratch off and she won $5000. Not only did she not give me any, she didn't even pay me back my $5!"

Johnny: "Dude, she really Carmelo Anthony'd you on that deal."
by jokeinthebox April 25, 2011

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