2 definitions by jojohedgehog

To laugh at somebody on social networking sites.
Person 1. Dood I'm going to see Jedward on Friday at the MEN
Person 2. LOLLAT dood, I wouldn't mention that to too many people if I were you, enjoy (loser)
by jojohedgehog September 23, 2010
The person that turns up to events and each and every time manages to suck the very soul out of the room by simply arriving.
Funny Friend - "why has everyone suddenly gone dead weird and cagey all of a sudden?"
Other funny friend - "the death eater has arrived"
Funny Friend "we need to get someone to change the music to really loud and get the heating on really high, it's freezing in here!"

Other funny friend does not reply as they have sadly encountered Death Eater, has fainted and is having their very soul sucked out of their mouth
by jojohedgehog November 20, 2011

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