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1. A huge plastic warehouse where about 50% of the Myspace population get their plastic jewellery cut so they can sell it on their little Myspace stores.

2. The name given to a laser cutting company which targets teenagers and young designers
emo: Where did you get that necklace?
emo2: I bought it from LoveBites and Bruises
emo1: Rad
by jojofaceball May 03, 2007
An easy was of describing a person who

*Listens to emotionally hardcore music
*Shops at hot topic and lovebites and bruises
*Has black hair with funky bits, long at font, short at back, with side fringe, anything too crazy is considered scene
*Has a Myspace/Livejournal
Kid 1: what did he look like?
Kid 2: He had side parted black ahir, tight trousers, glasses ...
Kid 1: You mean "emo"??
by jojofaceball May 03, 2007

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