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A grossly malformed, disproportionate, and tree stump-like ankle that seamlessly merges into the calf, so that there is no singular "ankle" or "calf".
Puhhleeeaaze, girl! You got them nasty-ass cankles that not even Corky would wanna jump yer bones!
by jojo dancer October 13, 2004
Derived from the mass hit reality TV series, "The Swan", this word denotes an individual with particularly ghastly, unappealing, and hideous physical characteristics (often mistaken as the result of substandard cosmetic surgery) that prevent this individual from attaining the singular "Swan" status, and the individual thus remains a second-rate contender for "Swan" status and rank.
Victoria Gotti is a total Swannabee.
by jojo dancer October 07, 2004
A hideous, vomit-inducing, shaped nose that closely resembles the nose of a witch, long and narrow but with large nostril openings.
Damn, girl! Git yer witchnose outta my grill 'fore I cut you up!
by jojo dancer October 13, 2004
The lexicon, today an uber-urban slang phenomenon used by the in-the-know crowd, derived from the hit reality TV series, "The Swan", encompassing all words and terminology that are peculiar and specific to "The Swan".
Shocka, you lost me with all your Swanbonic speak! What's "feminize"?
by jojo dancer October 14, 2004
Nickname for a puking when drunk Jeff Vaughan
Did you see Vaughan pull a Pukey McGillicutty?
by Jojo Dancer December 02, 2003
The act of molding, altering, or otherwise shapeshifting, often via ghastly cosmetic surgery, the appearance or certain aspects of a person's appearance to appear more feminine, often with a strong emphasis on slutty, whorish characteristics.
Mom, your flat titties totally need to be feminized.
by jojo dancer October 14, 2004

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