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The act of being so intoxicated that you are unable to see or speak, and you stumble around bumping into non-moving objects.
I don't remember anything about last night, I was Helen Keller Drunk.
#intoxicated #drunk #helen keller #party #booze #blind #deaf
by johnnykikass February 24, 2010
Being attracted to redheads, much like yellow fever.
Steve's got a bad case of scarlet syndrome.
#red #ginger #yellow fever #redhead #syndrome
by johnnykikass February 10, 2010
verb referring to skiing while consuming alcohol, or shortly after consuming alcohol.
Go get your skis and a six-pack! We're going brewskiing!
#beer #ski #alcohol #fun #brew skiing #brewski
by Johnnykikass January 28, 2010
A numerical value that ranges between 1 and 3 on the scale of rating women out of 10 for attractiveness. The factor is calculated by how attractive a woman is before her voice is heard (eg. a 6, she's not extremely attractive, but is noticed) after her foreign accent is heard her rating on the "attractiveness scale" can fluctuate up to a value of 3 depending on your preference for specific accents. (The 6 that was previously spoken of has increased to a value of 8.5 or even 9 if her accent is French or Australian. If her accent is Indian however, the foreign factor can dercrease her attractiveness as low as a 3.)
"I'd say Susan is about a 6."
"No way! With her foreign factor she's an eight!
#babe #foreign #accent #hot #language #hotness scale
by Johnnykikass February 10, 2010
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