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Originating from the phrase "That's what she said", replacing 'she' with 'Sandusky' adds to the grotesque nature of the gutter directed conversation.
"Yea that's a good one, but I was hoping he would be a bit younger." Said Peter about the pickup he was looking at. "That's what Sandusky said haha" Replied Steve.. not realizing it was way too soon for Sandusky jokes.
by johnnyblaze881 November 17, 2011
Someone who constantly does upper body workouts in the gym, resulting in tiny looking legs and a look that would make walking like a chimp seem appropriate.
Dude that guy's arms are huge! He's obviously biceptual But look at those underdeveloped legs... what a Gympanzee.
by johnnyblaze881 August 17, 2010
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