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Amazing boy that has an amazing girlfriend. He has the utmost respect for her and would go to the ends of the earth for her. While his girlfriend may not like it, he likes to surprise her, but tells her he is going to surprise her which only leads to infuriate her. Even though his girlfriend believes he doesn't listen to her, he does. He is quite hairy but in a manly good way. He may be a loner, but it's what suits him. He's cute, and is often overly critical of himself. Often times he engages in the use of big words that are unintelligible to those around him. He is a big procrastinator that likes to plan ahead. He especially loves to stay up late at night and into the morning simply because he doesn't like to sleep.
Girlfriend to Boyfriend: Gosh your so stupid! Why can't you be more like that nick! At least he's interesting!

Girl 1: I wish me and dylan could be more like that nick and his girlfriend, their such a great couple. And he's so cute and interesting too, and I especially love his manliness.
Girl 2: I know, I wish I had a Nick!
by johnnybaker769 November 21, 2010
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