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when a man is too lazy to put forth any effort, so he makes his bitch do all the work.
long day. come here, woman. *gets bj*
by johnnyb January 01, 2004
another word for your mother, or ma
Hey dude, your madukes called and said she aint sending you any more money for school.
by johnnyb December 23, 2004
another word for you dad
Crappy for you, your padukes sees that dent and he is gona beat the bejesus out of you.
by johnnyb December 23, 2004
The way someone walks when he perceives himself to be a class above others.
Me: Dave's swagger, and pompous attitude doesn't bother me so much, since you told me he is paid much less than I am.

Office Manager: Yeah, he does swing his ass when when he walks.
by johnnyb July 23, 2004
n. derivation of "FAF" (Fuck And Forget) 1. an attractive woman that would only be good for a one night stand
2. an attractive woman who's personality is unattractive, but who's body is built for sex

v. to have sex with a faffer
She's not really the type of girl you'd wanna date. Yeah, she's a real faffer.

The chick won't shut up about herself, but I'd still faffer.
by johnnyb March 26, 2005
abreviation for black man
While listening to the don and mike show a BM called in and it was robert the mailman.
by johnnyb December 23, 2004

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