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It is the second largest family in the village Kaitouly in Lebanon. Most Hajjar's are really smart people, people are Hajjar's are very proud people.
John Hajjar
by johnny08 April 03, 2009
This is when you are skyping with your significant other, and one of you needs to take a shower, so you place your laptop or your webcam if you have a desktop computer in the bathroom, and you keep the shower curtains open and you talk while taking a shower.
Eli: Girl, I have this job interview in an hour and I really need to take a shower, skypeshower?
Mary: Yeah, sure why not, take me to the bathroom!
Eli: Awesome, I really miss being with you by the way
Mary: Me too :)
by johnny08 February 15, 2011
This is the act when you start talking to your friends on skype, then all of a sudden when you have nothing to say, you both decide to strip.
John: Man last night me and this girl were strip skyping!!
Elie: Man you are really sick, but I'm happy for you, and please don't tell me you're going to add it to urban dictionary!!
by johnny08 June 06, 2010

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