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to date, to go steady, to hook up, to have sex with, to fuck, to meet, to be seen with, etc.
I know he wants to be with me, but I don't want to be with him, because he's been with all kinds of girls.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
teenager for past tense of see. Teenagers never use the word saw except for something that cuts wood.
I seen it at the mall, and I had to have it.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
Hillbilly for "to need". Some say it's a form of lack, but my folks (dustbowl okies here in california) knew the word lack and were perfectly capible of pronouncing it. But when they were short of something and needed a little bit more, they used the word like.
I only like three dollars having enough to buy that shotgun in the window down at the hardware store.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
Spanglish for telling.
Like I was tolling you, esse, this shit costs all kinds, ay.
by johnny walton November 21, 2006
Spanglish for an unassimilated, illegal, hispanic alien. Corruption of wetter which is a corruption of wetback.
I need to go by the Home Depot parking lot and pick up a couple of chedders to help me unload all this stuff.
by johnny walton November 21, 2006
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