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a kiss that's soo hottt & deep & engaging & pheromoned that it fries the two personae into one, pphew portmanteau!
"wow what a sizzler, our KISSIZZLE bedrizzled me to the state of hissing vaporized passion!"
by johnny strang March 20, 2009
a corporate automaton in a cubiculum w/brainwashed deletia...every open & sane idea that comes across the screen (or desk) gets swinglined and then guillotined along corporate guidelined ideology...a detached mentality fed by the promises of corporated advancement and reward...read false conciousness.
that mofo is a deletor behind the company badge but a scared burnt-out shell at home...he lives for the red swingline and delete button...that false temporary feeling of power.
by johnny strang October 05, 2006
a car driving around the streets of philadelphia on a flat tire because the driver is too lazy or too drunk to get out and change it. one knows it by the sound of "ba dunk ba dunk ba dunk ka dunk ka dunk a dunk..."
" hey, check out rocky over there driving around on a philly-tire. he's a real hoagie-head. "
by johnny strang April 05, 2006

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