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Hot meat, is a female who is a little bit over weight, curvy, has some meat on her bones. But the weight is good, gives her good curves and sex appeal. it also makes her more likely to engange in sexual activity as she is aware of her excess weight however she still wears it well for now. so she is still hot. Her meat is hot, hence HOT MEAT.
Look at that girl, she has HOT MEAT.
Her meat is so HOT, I just want to bite it.
Girls with HOT MEAT and a nosering = whore
Doe she realize how HOT her MEAT is.
by johnny manga January 18, 2007
when a person is not really sick, but pretends to be sick so that he/she doesn't have to attend a function. More often then not, its a woman who is "greek sick" and almost always the woman is in a relationship, and uses her bf/husband as the representative to the function to convey the message.

human: "Hey man, where is your wife?"
gino: "she couldn't make it, she's not feeling well"
human" "oh yeah, whats wrong"
gino (now uncomfortable): "i don't know re, she's sick, ask her"
human 1 to human 2: "she's obviously greek sick"
by johnny manga January 16, 2007
A greek virgin is a geek male, who only apparently gets laid when no one is around. YOu have never seen this male with a female companion, however when he goes to Greece and no friends are around he comes back with stories that he has had sexual encounters with multiple women. A greek virgin is the loser of the group, never gets any action, but miraculously everytime no one is around he is an alpha male and has all kinds of sexual encounter stories with multiple females.
Friend goes to greece, comes back telling you he slept with 7 girls. GREEK VIRGIN

Everytime you go out, he is watchign you get action. When you are not around, he is the biggest stud. GREEK VIRGIN

You can also refer to guys like this by their first name. Ie BILL VIRGIN! But for this to apply they have to be greek.
by johnny manga January 18, 2007

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