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when your getting head and you rest your balls on the bridge of the girls nose.
Teddy-"yeah suger pie that feels great, now lets see some flys eyes"

Janis-"oh yeah Teddy bear put them on my nose"
by johnny jerkmeoff April 14, 2006
Its when you give someone who has just taken a strong laxative an enema by puking in there ass, letting it stay in for a few minutes, and then sucking it out (along with the shit) while swallowing. Like a beer bong.
"oh yeah girl, i can hear those burritos you had for lunch churning in your gut and all i had for lunch was sour cream and salsa, what do you say you let me have a full lunch, and we go back to my room so i can puke in your ass and then suck it out, nothing beats an intestinal suck after all". "Oh yeah my names Johnny, do you come here often"?
by johnny jerkmeoff April 14, 2006

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