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Ebonics is really the study of the rules applied to turn English into some uneducated sounding pseudo-language whose purpose is for the most part to insult and denigrate "Whitey." Here is what I learned in Ebonics 1 :
i) In any English word with a contraction, eliminate the apostrophe and any letters after it.
1) Is it alright if I rollerskate through the campus ?
English) Yes, it's alright
Ebonics) It OK
ii) In a word ending in "d," substitute "dt" or "oodt."
English) That's all very fine...
Ebonics) That all reeeal gooudt....
iii) In a word ending in "ore," eliminate everything after the first "o" and add an apostrophe.
English) I won't tell you again, please shut the door.
Ebonics) I ain tellin you no mo', shet de do' !!
iv) For suffixes with 2 identical consonants followed by "er," eliminate the "er."
English) That Negro was larger and was holding a pistol.
Ebonics) Mah nigga was bigga had his fingah on yo' trigga.
v) In general, most "er"s are dropped and replaced by "ah."
English) Tower of Power
Ebonics) Towah of Powah
vi) However, in the case of a plural, "ers" is replaced by "az."
English) Negroes
Ebonics) niggaz
Now, a brief poem :
They go my niggaz all up in da hooudt,
Niggaz be pimpin' just like dey shooudt,
Leroy drive his Caddy right into a dee-itch
'Cause his punk-ass homey is too much of a bee-itch
Sistah on the pipe she hit on da stem
Homeboy got his ass in jail ageein'
Got me a supakool layin' in da free-idge
Niggaz be flyin' high off'n da bree-idge
Sambo fucked up, he high on dat sherm
Bustin up a cap hey cuz got de germ

So you get the general idea...
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
A bull's penis
That chiseler fizzled, after she nizzled, then shizzled, my prize bull's sizzled pizzle !!!!!!
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
The "bull-dyke" is a large and/or muscular female. Other adjectives that apply are "butch," "goth," and "camp." They are into rough sex with other bull-dykes, and drive trucks and ride motorcycles.
(Sung to the tune of "surf city")
Well theres 2 big bull dykes for every dude
And all you gotta ask is "Who brought the 'ludes ??"
Well it's bull dyke city and we're havin' fun
Yeah, bull dyke city got 'em on the run....... etc.
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
A brown noser trying to curry favor with the boss.
"Norbert's taking the super out to lunch again ? What a bleeding lickspittle !!"
by Johnny Chingas January 15, 2004
A "butt-bang" can either mean a rear action (Careful, honey, it's my first time) or a "rear-ender" car accident.
" I butt-banged 'er..!"
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
Concatenation of acronyms SNAFU and FUBAR. The author assumes you already know the interpretations of the above.
I can't FTP these files from one directory to another !! SNAFUBAR !!
by Johnny Chingas January 15, 2004
The French word for "skunk." A nice word for your girlfriend, along with "cochonette." (little female pig)
Good with "pet," (pay), the French word for "fart."
"Tu as l'odour d'un pet de mouffette !!"
(You smell like the fart of a skunk)
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
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