124 definitions by johnny

when one gay man inserts closed scissors into the anus of another man then opened with outrageous force.
Craig was feeling experimental so Ace gave him a horrible geoffrey.
by Johnny March 12, 2004
bump or line of coke
My friend Johnny spends his weekends fucking russian immigrant hookers and doing scooby crumbs.
by johnny December 15, 2003
the shit;newly referred to as the shit
Johnny is the shodizzle
by Johnny March 28, 2005
A person of Chinese Black and Mexican background.
Wow, look at all the Chiblexicans.
by Johnny April 30, 2004
Fart or farted
Damn, who cut one?
I dunno but I'm about to cut one!
by Johnny October 28, 2003
Recessive Sperm Headache
Johnny had a rsh the other day before he met up with Sarah.
by Johnny February 28, 2005
someone who changes aspects of their life to impress another
God bryan's such a clonetard, the way he follows phil around and all
by Johnny February 24, 2005
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