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similar to a blumpkin
Whilst in a bathroom stall with a girl she proceeds to sit down on the toilet and give you a blow job and when you're all finished and she gets up you realize that she was takin a smash
i didn't even realize i was gettin a schlumpkin until she flushed the toilet...
by Johnny May 18, 2004
the super hero who plays with his nipples and grabs others nipples and powerbombs them
"oh shit! here comes TittyMan
by johnny April 09, 2003
A bog; waterlogged ground. (N. Ireland)
It rained so much last summer that the back garden was one big shugh, hey.
by Johnny April 01, 2003
acronym for "fuck me i'm famous"
1. hey bitch, fmif!
2. kobe bryant and countless other celebrities take advantage of their fmif status
by Johnny November 21, 2004
Fuck off Mother Fucker
This boy asked to copy my homework. and i told him FOMF
by Johnny March 01, 2004
A man with a hugely famous website that deals with the important issue of nonsense. He is Persian, which says a lot about how cool he is. Like all Persians, he lives in Beverly Hills and has ties to the mafia. He's known to run over people with his Jeep who talk smack. But other than that, he is a very funny guy.
RajuAbju, the girls want j00!
by Johnny February 25, 2004
North-West English slang meaning to eat something and swallow with a gulp, possibly quickly.
You're such an oinker! Look at him golloping it. Why don't you eat properly?
by Johnny July 03, 2006

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