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124 definitions by johnny

The most tragic haircut of all times.
Short and Spiked at the front, long and stringy at the back.

Became fashionable in the 1970's in former Soviet-Bloc Eastern Europe where every single Soccerplayer seemed to possess one.

Migrated to Western Europe and America in the 1980's where Hair Metal bands/fans and Wrestlers had them in abundance.

Exist even today in the enlightened 21st Century. More popular among the trailer trash set.
Billy Ray Cyrus had an astonishing wicked mullet in the Achy Breaky Heart video. Tied up of course, but a mullet nonetheless.

Eddie Guerrero had a shocking mullet up until 2 years ago.

There is a picture on mulletsgalore.com of a black Jazz musician from the 1920's with an Afro-Mullet. Quite possibly the scariest sight you will see!
by Johnny July 09, 2004
telephony term discribing an unsightly half-ass aerial splice or other totally fucked-up repair.
when i arrived at the house and saw the greaseshot and j hook in the tree ,i knew i had just been barted.
by johnny February 20, 2004
One lone African American in a group of whiteys.
That guy is the negro variable of our math class.
by Johnny December 04, 2003
Find em fuck em forget em!
by johnny August 07, 2003
You all
y'll guyz like a stupid asshole!
by Johnny May 24, 2003
to jack off excessively until blood squirts out of the penis head
Josef pulled a Howard on sunday.
by Johnny April 12, 2005
A-holes who wear ambracrappy every day. Said girls are blond everyday whether they are born blond or not. Stupid. They dont have any effection to anyone. Words in their vocabulary are:
"Hot Guys"
Look at the popular girls look at the hot guys and thier 'F's...
by johnny March 28, 2005