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worse than Sars
comon enn! arrrr nok u awwt
by johnny October 29, 2003
toilet paper that makes it feel as if you are wiping your ass with clouds made out of silk.
After using Charmin, my anus felt clean and refreshed.
by Johnny December 20, 2003
it is a good way of saying niggaz without getting your ass beat.
lets roll zaggin.
or edwin oak is a zaggin with ssssean.
by Johnny January 30, 2005
The act in which a man jumps off an object higher than the spot where the woman is lying and lands with his penis directly inserting into her vagina. If it is a direct hit, both parties will have an instant orgasm simultaneously.
I jumped from the couch to the bed and fucked my girlfriend Flying Yamaguchi style.
by Johnny August 31, 2003
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

One of the gratest bands in existence.
The Brian Jonestown massacre
Music and lyrics
by johnny October 17, 2004
A girl who thinks she should have everything, but no one likes her cause she's a stupid-ass hoe.
Man, you's a stupid-ass hoe!
by Johnny July 15, 2003
1. One who speaks made up poetry to you while you are sitting in the bathroom.
2. One who writes made up poetry on the bathroom walls.
I am the shithouse poet, as if you didn't know it... I came here to sit and think, but alas all i've done is shit and stink.
by Johnny July 16, 2004

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