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A really bad mistake that's not worth repeating ever again. EVER. I mean, come on. What the fuck is wrong with this country anyway?
"I had the runs so bad today from that 2am Taco Bell trip."

"Well, don't pull a Bush for President and go back again."
by Johnny Eightball August 19, 2004
Linguini I'd Like to Fuck
Nothing gets me off more than going down to that dirty guinea Guiseppe's place to uncork my clam sauce on some of the lilf that he regularly serves up. Now that's a spicy meatball!
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
Quaker I'd Like to Fuck
Just seeing that knock-out qilf on the box of Quaker Oats sends me scrambling out to the garage where I furiously masturbate with hopes that my Mennonite neighbor's children might see me.
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
Sounds ominous, but literally translates as listening with undivided attention.
It's nice to see everyone wailing on the cub scout for a change. Now, please provide a helmet for the button-maker, chop chop.
by Johnny Eightball June 10, 2004
Acronym for Apple Pie I'd Like to Fuck, a trend that was made popular by the film "American Pie."
I got so worked up thinking about this aplif I saw on TV that I had to go by a 7-11 to get some Hostess snacks to smear on my genitalia and anus.
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
To harvest olives.
After threshing the fetus, it's common practice in Greece for men to fill the orifices of lamb and sheep with their penises.
by Johnny Eightball June 10, 2004
A mortician that enjoys fishing.
That fishin' mortician over yonder works on dead people and likes to fish over at Lake Cocksucker.
by Johnny Eightball June 10, 2004
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