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the stuff that aquirts out of your nose if you start laughing while swallowing a mung load.
We got him laughing so hard he mung milked all over his shirt.
#mung boogers #mung snot #mung waff #backward mung snort #. nasal mung
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins July 29, 2006
The very, very, very stinky shit you take when a mung load has passed through your digestive system.
I thought nobody would ever stop puking when I dropped that mung loaf I had been baking since last night.
#mung bomb #recycled mung load #mung shit #brown mung #used mung
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins July 31, 2006
a particularly tasty serving of fresh yummy mung
"That bitch we just dug up was mungalicious"
#mung-yummy #mung drippins #mung chews #mung pops #a great nig bowl of day old freeze dried mung
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins July 28, 2006
Splooge-Tag is a game first made popular by the 1986 Van Halen Road Crew but anyone can play. The basic idea is to get a blowjob but at the end you pull out of her mouth and try to get as much in her hair as possible. If she asks why you pulled out tell her it was because you had too much respect for her to come in her mouth, Now, make sure there are no mirrors handy and when you clean her up make sure you do not touch her hair deposit. The last part is where you tell her you have to hurry because somebody needs to meet her. Eddie Van Halen worked great but a parent or Priest or whomever will also work. Hurry her to the meeting and introduce her by saying what a nice girl she then when she steps forward to try to shake hands you stand behind her pointing out the offending mass…really great fun for all!
That's John's sixth girl this week and it's only Thursday...that guy sure loves his Splooge-Tag!
#also called splooging #splooged #glopping #glop princess #splooge princess #or a #high protein backstage pass.
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins August 01, 2006
Following a Munging session and prior to brushing your teeth you french kiss someone without telling them what you have been doing.
I was on my way home when I ran into Diane so I couldn't resist giving her a Sneaky Pierre Mung Share Surprise.
#mung kiss #tounge mung #frog's revenge #second hand mung #secretly swapping mung spit
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins July 29, 2006
This occurs when sadly yet inevitably time and gravity take their toll on a woman’s breasts and they start to progressively hang lower and lower. The man still wants to get hot for her but this too becomes increasingly difficult so he fantasises in his mind back to when they were firm and young. Carried away by fond memories he reaches over to cop a feel and he accidentally puts his hand above where her tits actually are now and instead he winds up trying to squeeze the area where her tits used to be.
I had another Grav-i-titty Faux Pas two weeks ago and my wife still isn't speaking to me!
#also called high cupping #tit fishing #geriatric grab #boob finder #and oops, where dey is?
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins August 01, 2006
Any sheltered person who does not know the meaning nor the the joy of MUNG
So this mungaloid catches us digging up a fresh one and all the bitch can say is "yuck, what are you guys doing?"
#a sheltered person #one who doesn't get out much #a stupid prude #someone who limits their pleasures to living partners and shund all other avenues of satisfactions #my ex-wife.
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins July 29, 2006
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