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Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job is one of thee funniest comedy/sketch show's ever!

Air's on Cartoon Network/AdultSwim.

Starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.
Karen: Anything good on t.v?
Jenny: Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job is on now.
Karen: What the heck is that?
Jenny: Only one of thee funniest shows on television ever!
Karen: ok, what channel?
Jenny: Cartoon Network / Adultswim.

Karen: Heck yes! this show is incredibly awesome!
by Johnny Davison February 16, 2010
Just kidding or joking around with someone.
John: You look so fat in that dress go change!
Jamie: but babe! *frowns and crys*
John: I'm just yanking your chain
Jamie: oh, whats that mean?
John: Im just joking!
by Johnny Davison March 13, 2010
1. A Mistake
2. A Accident

3. You Got Fired
4. You Failed A Test.
5. You Got Drunk A Slept With A Fat Chick And Realized You Had A Girlfriend.
1. Oopsie, I forgot to stop at the Stop Sign.
2. Oopsie, I forgot to wear a condom last night.
Figure 1
Employee: What? I'm fired?

Boss: Yes you made a big oopsie!
Employee: I swear I didn't sleep with your daughter!

4. Sorry mom, I made a oopsie and failed the Drug Test.
5. I don't know how im going to explain to my Girlfriend I slept with that fat chick last night, I guess I made an oopsie!
by Johnny Davison March 31, 2010
One of thee best bands to get down with any time of day or night. The best albums, and songs by Job For A Cowboy consist of,

DOOM: Suspended by the throat, The Rising Tide
Ruination:Butchering the enlightened

Genesis:The divine falsehood

Though hated by many people alike "scene kids" because Job For A Cowboy or any bands alike would crush listening to Forever The Sickest Kids any day.
1. When you go to a Job For A Cowboy show, make sure to bring an extra shirt, most likely you will get blood on you.

2. Thankfully I didn't have to take my sister to that Owl City concert, I couldn't bare terrible music, and on top of that all the little scene kids standing there texting.

3. Job For A Cowboy and Annotations Of An Autopsy " another great band" touring together was massive!
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
Opposite of the future, A place where you lock memories away.
Riely: Have you talked to your ex lately?
Brett: No, she's long gone in The Past, and that's where she will stay.

Kyle: Remember the fifth grade?
Mark: Some pretty wicked times eh?
Kyle: To bad we cant travel back to the past!
by Johnny Davison February 17, 2010
A rather nice small modern town located in Davison Township.

With a minimum crime rate Davison Michigan is pretty safe, and nice place to live.

Home Of The Davison Cardinals.
Cody: What's up with all these Drug Dealing Emo's?
Franky: yeah, That's Davison Michigan for ya.
Cody: If they were to go to rehab or vanish, Davison Michigan would be rather nice.
Franky: Just wait till you hear this band called Chiodos.
Cody: Who are they?
Franky: A crappy band from Davison Michigan.
Cody: I see
Franky: That will give you something to complain about.
by Johnny Davison February 17, 2010
Something or someone that appears to have been through a lot,looking beaten up,broken down or in rough shape.
Alexis: I purchased my new car today, take a look!
James: You should name it Mogley..
Alexis: Why?
James: Just look at it, it's a giant rust bucket on wheels!


Dave: You look a bit Mogley this morning.
Steven: I had about two hours of sleep!
Dave: That explains those baggy eyes and your scraggly hair.
by Johnny Davison February 16, 2010

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